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By Leonard GildarieEvery week I try to talk on things that bother me. I view it as criticism to help us make Guyana better.  Sometimes you are on the move and wonder at some of the things that are seen. Like being on the Demerara Harbour Bridge and there is a long line and someone is overtaking. Where in the world are they going? Or you walk into a Government office and the receptionist is having a juicy conversation on her mobile and looks at you with annoyance when you dare to ask her for directions.On Monday, I was not feeling well and headed to the doctor, taking one of those rare days off. I was parked on Brickdam, obliquely opposite St. Stanislaus College in the little lot south of the Magistrates’ Court. At one point I happened to look up and saw a traffic policeman passing. He was walking, I figured from Brickdam Police Station. Not paying much attention, I went back to fiddling with the radio. A few minutes later, I saw a white car pull up behind me. Being the alert person that I am, I paid attention, but felt a little assured after seeing the policeman, I figured about 25 years of age, approaching the vehicle.About 10 minutes later, the car was still there and the police rank appeared to be arguing. I was curious…what could they be talking about? Five more minutes passed and I could not bear it anymore. I came out of the car and approached the other vehicle. The rank was vehemently making a point to the driver. I walked up and enquired what could be problem.Obviously, there was a fear that it was two friends catching up,Jordi Alba Jersey, maybe from school. The police rank was not rude. Rather, he seemed shaken. He said the driver jumped the light. I know some traffic offences are supposed to be ticketed. Surely this was one of them. I promptly informed the driver and rank that it does not look good and it appeared to me that some sort of negotiation was going on.Further, if it was a ticketable offence, why not get it over with and done? I also said that if the driver had to be taken to police station, then do it. There was an embarrassing silence and the rank said he has to take the driver down to the station, located two blocks away.I can’t imagine that you have to take a driver down to the station for this. Why not give him a ticket there and then? To my surprise, he held onto the documents and ordered the driver to the station. He walked behind. I was told later that the policeman cannot sit in the car. I guess I will have to chalk up my little knowledge down to ignorance. If someone has to be taken to the station for a traffic light offence, then the law needs to be revisited. I am not sure what happened to the driver.ApplyingLast week, we spoke on pre-fab housing and the possibilities locally. This week, the big topic in the air is about hydro power and the need to have cheap electricity.Owning a home automatically comes with expenses like maintenance and water and electricity bills.Whether you are building or renting, a meter for electricity is a must. You are allowed to have a “temporary” meter when the home is under construction. The temporary here means you are expected to remove it after the home is completed. Many people keep it for a few years. I can’t emphasise how dangerous this is.The temporary meter is there for the power saws and other work that necessitate the use of electrical tools. In all likelihood the temporary meter will be the same one attached to the home after it is completed. It is a circuit board with outlets,Pascal Dupuis Adidas Jersey, a main switch, and eventually the meter which GPL contractors will install. A certified electrician will help you build one and get the necessary permits that GPL will need to approve the application for a temporary meter.Now, I have been talking with GPL this week. They are no longer issuing the post-paid meters (old meters). All new residential customers are getting the prepaid meters. This new technology was introduced to Guyana just around three years ago and about a fifth of the homes on the coast (about 30,000) are already equipped with them.It will cost about $10,000 to apply for one, GPL says. Currently, around 1,200 of these meters are being installed monthly, in both the new housing schemes and other areas.Under new regulations, GPL,Alex Bregman Astros Jersey, once it has received an application with all the necessary documentation, has to provide service within 14 working days or face penalties from the regulator…the Public Utilities Commission.GPL is also saying that once a customer is caught stealing electricity…and we all know what this is…then that state-owned company automatically issues a prepaid meter to the home.Danger!Now, after you would have completed construction on the new home, you have to apply to have a meter attached to the home. It means that an electrician will have to issue you a certificate of inspection which says your home has been wired according to accepted regulations. Wiring, to protect it, has to be installed in a particular manner. I know that many owners,Tedy Bruschi Patriots Jersey, to save cost, would place the wires in the concrete walls and cover it up. Imagine having to break a wall open to fix a wire. Stupid problem.In the ceiling, the wires are often also left exposed. It is recommended these be contained in special PVC pipes to protect them. God forbid if there are rats. Some of the electrical wires being sold are inferior. This is important. Ask the electrician. It will cost more, but it is a process that should not be ignored.After you would have received your certificate of inspection of the completed home, you have to apply to have the meter transferred to the home. Again, this should not take more than 14 working days.Now, the big question that has been playing on everybody’s mind is the benefit of the prepaid meter over the post-paid.GPL is saying that the prepaid requires customers to make advance payments before electricity is used. Locally, we call it buying credit. There are no monthly bills with these and you can only be disconnected if you don’t have enough credit, similar to the operations of your GT&T or Digicel phone.Under the old post-paid metering system, GPL would charge customers $3,200 as a reconnection fee. There are none with the prepaid. With the prepaid, GPL said customers can also monitor their usage and avoid the long lines of complaints. Both GPL and the customer save, as there is no paperwork for disconnection or reconnection for prepaid.The big advantage for GPL is that homeowners are more energy conservative with the prepaid meters.Part of the meter is attached to the home while another part is way up on the utility pole. The system is designed to reduce electricity theft,Paul Pogba Manchester United Jersey, I am told.According to the power company, the application process for a prepaid meter is a simple one. You need a photocopies of your ID card or passport; transport or bill of sale or tenancy agreement; certificate of inspection from Government Electrical Inspector, Ministry of Works; and a completed application form.GPL says that many homeowners panic after getting no power. In almost all the cases, the customer has run out of credit. In other cases, there are issues within the wiring of the home.Regarding the cost,Cooper Kupp Jersey, GPL reportedly has said that when compared, and taking overhead expenses into considerations, the cost of electricity while using a prepaid meter essentially works out about the same as a post-paid.There are some words of caution I would want to say here. Wiring of the home is a critical part of the building process. The electrician must coordinate with the contractor. It is not a ‘slap-dash’ affair. One fire and it is all gone. With the electricity situation still not 100%, pay attention to this detail so that when it comes to managing electricity, attention can be paid to other things like the West Indies and Pakistan match-up today.Enjoy your week and don’t forget to drop your comments or suggestions to [email protected]